New Transit Camp

Settlements in fixed parcelling of land

The New Transit Camp in Dharavi provides specific conditions as it has planned, fixed, parcelling of the land. This is rather unique in Dharavi. The plots are about 10 by 20 feet. The long side of a plot is to the adjacent plot. The short 10 feet side is open to an alley.

Photo 4. New Transit Camp Dharavi: planned parcelling of land. Image GeoEye / Google Earth.

Photo 5. Dharavi New Transit Camp, Mahatma Gandhi Road. Facades showing the long side of the plots. Typical detached houses with pitched roofs.

Photo 6. Dharavi New Transit Camp. Short end facades in the streets perpendicular to Mahatma Gandhi Road. Almost container-like extensions, due to uniform land plots.

As a result, the main direction of incremental development is vertical here. Horizontal extension is only possible on the first floor. A cantilever over the alley is common practice. Stairs are put outside of the ground floor, in the alley, with access to the first floor through a floor hatch. The image is almost like the stacking of containers, due to the fixed dimensions of the property. Roof shapes are often pitched, as that is the economic way of draining the roof towards the alleys. Due to incremental development, the alleys tend to be fully built over.

[further research: retrieve original zoning plans from BMC]

Photo 7. Long end facades. The alley on the right is fully overbuilt, subsequently changing the roof shape from pitched to slope.

Photos 8. Alley with typical cantilever extension of the first floor, an “open roof tunnel”.

Photo 9. Stairs in alleyways. The original alley is 6 feet wide.

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